Halo Online (Eldewrito 0.6) Dedicated Server Setup Guide

This will be a guide for those not using the Docker container provided by DomiStyle.

In the guide we will be using Debian 9 Stretch and the latest wine-staging release (3.7 at the time of writing).


Starting with installing wine-staging, let’s follow the instructions that wine-staging.com provides:

Wine consists of a 32-bit and optional 64-bit part. In order to install i386 packages on a 64-bit system, you have to run the following command as a first step:


Afterwards import the key for our repository:


And add our repository at the end of your file: /etc/apt/sources.list
For Debian Stretch:


Update and install dependencies:


Download winetricks and use it to install winhttp:


Now we can begin to prepare the wine prefix that we will use for the dedicated server. We set the prefix path, use a 64 bit prefix, use wineboot to generate the bare prefix, winetricks to install winhttp, and use Xvfb start a fake X display so that we can install our C++ 2012 dependency headless. We’ll need the fake X display to run the server too.


After that is complete we need to make an adjustment to our DLL overrides. Open prefix/user.reg with your text editor and add the following line under [Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides]


We can now make a simple launch script for the server.


I run several servers so what I did was make another script to handle launching the different server instances and then call it with cron at reboot time.


Edit your crontab with crontab -e and add:


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