Using XboxHDM with QEMU on Linux

General Info This should work with most SATA hard drives, and SATA/IDE -> USB adapters. You will likely need to run these commands with sudo or as root HDD locking rules apply. It seems that most SATA drives are lockable, but always check the compatibility lists┬ábefore going too crazy. Items Needed: xboxhdm23usb-linux (This is the … Continue reading “Using XboxHDM with QEMU on Linux”

OG Xbox Nostaglia: “Make Your Own Action Replay”

I was just just dipping my toes into the Xbox modding scene and needed a way to get the game save exploit for my copy of Splinter Cell onto my Xbox. At the time I was too young to really have access to a bank account my parents were completely computer inept so anything involving … Continue reading “OG Xbox Nostaglia: “Make Your Own Action Replay””