Using XboxHDM with QEMU on Linux

General Info

  • This should work with most SATA hard drives, and SATA/IDE -> USB adapters.
  • You will likely need to run these commands with sudo or as root
  • HDD locking rules apply. It seems that most SATA drives are lockable, but always check the compatibility lists before going too crazy.

Items Needed:

    1. Place eeprom.bin inside the same folder as the `XboxHD` and `HDD_files` folders.
    2. Decide what files you want to be written to the new disks C drive, and place those inside `HDD_files/C/`
    3. Enter the `XboxHD` directory.
    4. Find what label the Xbox hard drive was given by your system
      fdisk -l
    5. Check for lock status on the drive (Make sure to change all instances of /dev/sdX  to match whatever disk you are working with. eg /dev/sdc )
      ./smartctl -g security /dev/sdX
    6. Unlock the disk drive if required
      ./smartctl -s security-eeprom-unlock,../eeprom.bin /dev/sdX
      ./smartctl -s security-eeprom-disable,../eeprom.bin /dev/sdX
    7. Boot xboxhdm with qemu. The disk that is being created must be passed through as /dev/hda  as XboxHDM only works with IDE devices and only checks /dev/hda  for the HDD. The XboxHDM distro will boot from the files passed through as /dev/hdb.
      qemu-system-i386 -kernel kernel -initrd initrd.gz -hdb fat:rw:../HDD_files/ -hda /dev/sdX -append "load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=24000 rw root=/dev/ram pci=biosirq vga=0x317"
    8. Use XboxHDM to create new hard drive
    9. After you are finished creating the hard drive, shutdown qemu/xboxhdm and lock the drive with the eeprom
      ./smartctl -s security-eeprom-setpass,../eeprom.bin /dev/sdX
    10. Put the hard drive back in the Xbox and see if it boots! Make sure your drive is set to Master!

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